We offer a range of mosquito nets made out of 100% cotton knitted net fabric.
We also offer soft cotton knitted net fabric in widths up to 98 inches

Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly

This environment friendly net fabric is widely used in garment industries and to make mosquito nets.


We do also make and supply mosquito nets for unique beds. Send us your measurements, length and breadth of your cot and preferred height, for a free no obligation quote.


We dedicate ourselves to provide you a natural protection at an affordable price with personalized service.

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Mosquito Nets


Mosquito Nets


Mosquito Nets.

Organic Cotton Bags



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Health hazards of mosquito repellents: Mosquito repellants are harmful to human health and their use should be discouraged. Research has proved that repellents can successfully protect you from mosquitoes and other insects but it has a flip side – ill health effects. Some of the potential health hazards and side effects of using chemical based mosquito repellants are headaches, difficulty in breathing, tiredness, muscle pain, pain in the joints, inflammation of the eyes and sleeplessness. Prolonged exposure can sometimes lead to serious complications, although such cases are rare. As the saying “Prevention is better than cure” goes, keep yourself and your family from mosquitoes menace by using 100% cotton mosquito nets.

Health hazards of Mosquito Coils: Mosquito coils also have many ill-health effects like mosquito repellants. A single mosquito coil produces more fine particles than 75 cigarettes. Apart from irritating the eyes, lungs and air passages , substances adhering to those particles as well as chemicals in the smoke could be carcinogenic. Besides the long term health effects, the particles and chemicals released by the burning coils could also produce asthmatic reactions as well as respiratiory problems.